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The 2017 World College Radio Day Marathon is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2017!

Join us again as we celebrate the medium of student radio around the world! A very unique 24 hours of college radio broadcasting – embracing different languages and cultures around the globe. Can you stay listening for all 24 hours?

We invite all student radio stations around the world to join us for this very special annual event!

About WCRD

The first College Radio Day occurred in the USA, Canada and Jamaica in October 2011. 365 college radio stations came together for the very first time. In March 2012, Rob Quicke received two emails from Tiziana Cavallo and Guillermo Gaviria independently asking to form an international coalition for College Radio Day 2012.

Eleven days later, on March 20, Guillermo Gaviria also emailed Rob Quicke to explore the option of bringing Latin American and Caribbean college radio stations together

After a highly successful College Radio Day 2012 – with nearly 600 college radio stations in nearly 30 countries around the world, Rob Quicke, Tiziana Cavallo, and Guillermo Gaviria decided to found the international event World College Radio Day and extend an invitation to all college radio stations in every country around the world.

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