College & student radio: why should we listen?

Today we’ve been asked why should we listen to #collegeradio and somehow realized that behind this question there was a misconception on how important this medium is now and how important it has been in the past.

Of course there are several reasons why we all should listen and support college radio, the first one is that this media is free and independent: college radio is an open space for discussion and training.. and.. a second one is that it has also a role in spreading democratic values and freedom of speech (expecially among youth)! We may now tend to take these statements as obvious.. but they’re not!


Let’s go back to November the 14th, 1973, when Polytechnical University of Athens’s students barricated themselves inside the institute, in order to protest against the military junta, aka the Regime of the Colonels, that had been tearing the country apart for years.

Their “weapon of choice” was a radio station that they set up using laboratory equipment, spreading messages against the regime to the frightened people of Athens, with the help of other radio pirates who rebroadcasted their signal.Sadly the project came soon to an end, because 43 years ago, on November the 17th, the army received direct orders from the regime to storm the University, shooting and killing students.

Although the radio station was silenced, it helped people to overcome their fears, raise their voices and at the end bring down the regime.

This tragic event may help finding an appropriate answer to the question. #collegeradio have influenced and somehow still influence nowadays history!