Latest World College Radio Day News

25/5/2017. Report from Italy: FRU17! WCRD’s Rob Quicke is back from Verona, Italy – where the 11th annual Italian college radio conference took place! Read more here…

17/11/2016. College & Student Radio: Why should we listen to? The incidents of 17th of November 1973 in Greece, is an example of how these Media are structured on values such as spreading democratic values and freedom of speech. Read more here…

11/2/2016. World College Radio Day is almost here! We are delighted to partner with Radiojar to make our 24-Hour Global Marathon possible!

6/1/2016. Registration is now open for World College Radio Day 2016!

We invite all student radio stations around the world to join us for the annual celebration on Friday November 4th. For more information, please click here.

11/20/2015. College Radio Unites Worldwide For France in Unprecedented Collaboration

See our front page for details about our special radio program created by college radio stations around the world, for the people of France.

10/1/2015. The 2015 World College Radio Day Marathon is THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd!
Join us again as we celebrate the medium of student radio around the world! A very unique 24 hours of college radio broadcasting – embracing different languages and cultures around the globe. Can you stay listening for all 24 hours? We are delighted to partner with TuneIn for this event. You can listen here.

8/7/2015. Registration is now open for WCRD 2015! Join us again as we celebrate student radio around the world. This year WCRD will be on Friday, October 2nd.

Registration is now OPEN for WCRD 2014! Student radio stations around the world, please join us for this very special annual event! The email sent to all stations is here.

7/21/2014. We are very pleased to announce the launch of the official WCRD Twitter account! Please check it out and and be sure to ‘follow’ us so you can be fully updated with all WCRD news!