About WCRD

It is well known that University/College/Campus/Student Radio is Awesome, but it is way way more than a spectacular and fun word.

History facts, prove the the power and importance of University/College/Campus/Student Radio in the world of Media.
For many generations, U.C.C.S. Radio acts a “portal” between amateur and professional Radio, always driven by passion for what Radio stands for.

U.C.C.S. Radio is a huge and amazing world, populated mainly by young fired-up spirits, balancing between innovation and experimentation, in a safe environment that lets creativity to be the motivation for the upcoming generations of Radio professionals. It is the only free live medium brave enough to play unsigned, local, and independentartists on a regular basis, something that turns into a fundamental part of the media landscape because of its unique and fearless programming.
U.C.C.S. Radio is also a place of understanding and tolerance, a place where universal humanitarian values can bloom and educate globally the young audience as well as the radio staff.

Every year, World College Radio Day proves  that the world of U.C.C.S. media, is always thirsty for connection and collaboration between different cultures from all over the planet.
World College Radio Day, apart from raising a greater, international awareness on U.C.C.S. Radio Stations around the world, is also about Arts and Music, as a 24 hours marathon to present independent and emerging music from all over the Globe,with live sessions and special interviews.
WCRD celebrates also the contribution of young people as creators of innovative contents and new communication systems that make borders disappear.

was founded back in 2012, by an initiative from Tiziana Cavallo (ITA), Guillermo Gaviria (COL) and Rob Quicke (US) to make the celebration worldwide. It was inspired by the College Radio Day event, celebrated in the United States and founded by Rob Quicke.